hydraulic wireline oil saver

Hydraulic oil savers strip fluids from the
wireline, which will cut cost by saving
valuable oil. This in turn, will promote
safety by minimizing danger of
explosion or fire at the well site.

Each oil saver has a large rubber and
eco bushings for a smooth, consistant  
seal and maximum usage of each
rubber. Our eco bushings are a safer
alternative for the environment.

Available for 2-3/8 in. and 2-7/8 in.
O.D. tubing and 3-1/2 in. O.D. line pipe.

These units are completely
interchangeable with the Guiberson
Type "H" and Type "HD" models.
pneumatic cylinders for guiberson
type  60 ton slips and for the
cavins models "b" and "c" slips

These pneumatic cylinders are used to open and
close the tubing spider assembly. They have a
brass barrel for corrosion resistance and stainless
steel shafts.

All parts will interchange with the OEM brand.
The Unit to the left is the Dual
Oil Saver "HD" and pictured
above is the Single Unit "H"
The air cylinder pictured
above is for the Cavins Model
B & C Slips
Our Rope Sockets come in 1 3/4" OD
and 1 3/8" OD sizes with various wire
line sizes available.
2" Air Cylinder with
Double Clevis
Backup Cylinder for Foster Tong
Replacement Air
Cylinder for Guiberson
Alien Manufacturing Inc. BBB Business Review
Ram/Piston for Single
and Dual Oil Savers
Oil Saver Housing for
both units
Star Oil Saver Pump With
Gauge & Fittings
Piston Base
for Cavins Air

Piston Head
for Cavins Air
Replacement Parts are available for all of the
products we manufacture.
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Brass Bushing for
Oil Saver
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Lower Die Holder For ST-80
Iron  Roughneck
Upper Die Adapter For ST-80
Iron Roughneck